The Ruiz Plan

The very first bill I introduced as your elected representative focused on strengthening manufacturing in California. I hit the ground running and have been relentlessly focused on keeping the jobs we have, and helping to create new jobs in key areas where our community excels: green and renewable energy technologies and renewable energy manufacturing. Through job training programs—especially in renewable energy technologies and manufacturing sectors — we can bring back a vibrant economy that allows businesses to grow, focusing on the strengths and advantages we have right here in our desert.

As a doctor, I know how critical it is for working families to have access to quality, affordable health care. We need a health system that puts patients above profits and allows people to access much needed medical care. In Congress, I have worked to make needed changes to the Affordable Care Act. I sponsored legislation so that small businesses aren’t unfairly penalized by the employer mandate. I have fought to change the Affordable Care Act so people aren’t paying for health plans they don’t need, and overall health care costs are reduced. There is much more that needs to change in this law. My approach to this law has always been to keep the good, fix the bad, and move forward.

America’s immigration system is clearly broken. Backlogs in the legal immigration system are measured in decades, incentivizing people to break the law rather than going through the legal immigration process and partisan bickering in Congress has stalled efforts to fix these problems. I support a comprehensive approach to fixing America’s broken immigration system beginning with securing our borders, and providing for an earned path to citizenship for those that play by the rules. A comprehensive immigration reform package will also strengthen our economy by expanding our labor force, increasing investment, and increasing overall productivity as well as reducing the national deficit by nearly $900 billion. Comprehensive immigration reform means more jobs and more opportunity for people in our desert and across the country, but only if we act.

I know firsthand that a quality education is transformative not only for children, but for entire families and communities. That is why investing in education is a top priority for me. In order to prepare our children to compete for the jobs of tomorrow in a global economy, we must provide them all the advantages needed and invest in education at all stages; from early education through high school and college.


As a public servant, I don’t believe members of Congress should receive any special perks or privileges at the expense of hardworking taxpayers. That is why I introduced bipartisan legislation to prohibit members of Congress from flying first class at taxpayer expense. Career politicians fail the American people when they add to government gridlock and don’t do the job they are elected to do, yet they want taxpayers to fund lavish travel and pay raises. I will continue to vote against pay raises for career politicians in Washington who want to comfortably live on the taxpayers’ dime.



As a doctor, caring for the needs of our veterans is a top priority and a solemn duty. That is why I took a doctor’s approach to the VA healthcare scandal to quickly diagnose the failures of the Veterans Health Administration and I immediately called for a criminal investigation into allegations of criminal misconduct. Locally, I made it a top priority to meet with our veteran community to identify and prioritize their needs and bring their voices to Washington where as a member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, I championed the needs of veterans and personally helped local veterans secure over $1 million dollars in benefits they earned and need. I am proud to serve our veterans and fight for them in Washington. That is why I introduced legislation to help speed up veterans’ claims with the VA and have focused on assisting veterans who are having problems securing their hear-earned benefits.

I have made a commitment to stand up for seniors and to oppose any cuts in Social Security and Medicare benefits, which seniors have paid for, earned, and been promised after a lifetime of hard work. It is unconscionable that anyone would want to take away or decrease these benefits that seniors in our community rely on. That is why I voted against the radical Republican budget that would have ended Medicare as we know it, and I’ve fought for legislation that would protect seniors form health care fraud schemes. I will do everything in my power to provide the seniors of our district with a retirement of independence, security, and dignity.


Growing up in the Coachella Valley, my family traveled to the Salton Sea frequently. Fishing with my father on its shores is some of my fondest memories. As a physician, I know the very real health threat a receding Salton Sea poses to our community. I have fought hard in Washington to bring attention to this issue before the Salton Sea becomes a public health disaster. That is why I urged the President to include funding to support the restoration efforts of the Salton Sea in his 2014 budget. But the solution to this problem isn’t going to come from Washington. We must work together at every level to solve this growing public health threat by thinking creatively—putting solutions above partisan ideology to mitigate the disastrous health effects of a receding Salton Sea.

I believe it is good for the American economy and American families when women have the opportunity to succeed in the workplace. As your representative, I fought to guarantee women equal pay for equal work by co-sponsoring the Paycheck Fairness Act, which ensures that women receive fair pay for their work. I have fought to expand paid family and sick leave, and increase access to affordable childcare. I am working for common sense solutions that allow American families to get ahead and focus on what matters to them: each other.