Jobs and the Economy

We must make creating jobs our number one priority. These new jobs increase our tax revenues and take the weight off the middle class so they are not forced to solve a deficit crisis they didn’t create. Small businesses are one of the largest job creators and should be prioritized as such. 

  • Create good-paying jobs in our community by investing in our economy and bringing in new businesses. We need to support actions which will restore consumer spending such as the payroll tax cut that will put more than $1,000 into the pockets of every working family. Additionally, I will fight to strengthen new industries  and invest in new sectors like as health care research, which are rooted in the high quality medical facilities found in our district, and alternative energy development, an industry that thrives on the open spaces and warm weather such as ours.

  • Balance the budget by cutting wasteful spending. I plan to reduce the budget in a balanced way – protecting working families, retirees, and people who have lost their homes, jobs, and security during the last few years.  
    I will do this by:

      • Bringing troops home from Afghanistan which will save us $120 billion annually;
      • Requiring people who earn more than $1 million annually to pay their fair share of a minimum tax rate of 30 percent;
      • Allowing Medicare to negotiate for lower prices with the drug companies;
      • And creating jobs to increase revenue and decrease the demand for social services.  
  • The federal government should help families facing foreclosures. But instead of helping working families, Washington and our current Congresswoman have focused on bailing out Wall Street and the big banks that caused this problem in the first place.  I believe we need to crack down on banks that are forcing families out of their homes and refusing to restructure loans so hardworking families who have played by the rules have a chance to keep their houses.  We also need to extend the tax credit for first time homebuyers, which will allow more young families to buy homes and relocate to our communities.